Box to Nature

A new residential recycling program

What is the goal of the program?

The goal of the Box to Nature program is to increase the residential recapture of fiber by reminding consumers to recycle and to do so properly and was created by The Paper and Packaging Board, on behalf of the paper industry.  Box to Nature’s graphic mark reminds, educates and thanks the consumer for doing their part by creating positive associations with sustainable paper packaging.  Research has shown that consumers feel good about purchasing from sustainably focused companies who add this kind of messaging to their boxes. Columbia Container is a proud partner of this program.

How is this different from other recycling messaging initiatives?

This program is meant to specifically address paper packaging recycling behavior which is the bulk of ecommerce shipping boxes.  The graphic offers clear, specific (empty, flatten, recycle) and emotional messaging that when tested, 75% of consumers indicated they would be more likely to recycle their ecommerce box after encountering the box message and graphic.

How does the QR code work?

This mark included a QR code that consumers can scan on their mobile devices that leads to an educational consumer experience and Paper and Packaging Board (P+PB) microsite,  Here they can learn more about recycling paper and paper packaging and engage with content on consistent recycling habits.

Click the image below for more info:

What are the placement considerations for the graphic on an ecommerce box?

The ideal graphic placement includes the side minor flap at the top of the box or the side of the box for plain boxes with no additional branding.  For branded boxes with no other available space, the bottom of the box may be used but should not be encouraged.

Which graphic to choose?

There are 3 different graphics that you can choose be from. Size cannot be adjusted.

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